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IBM System x M4 ()

The first three conditions generally do not require that you restart the server. Optical drives The server supports the optical drive options listed in the following table.

Welcome to the most active Linux Forum on the web. Network adapters The x M4 offers two integrated Gigabit Ethernet ports.

Remotely viewing video with graphics resolutions up to x at 75 Hz with up to 23 bits per pixel color depths, regardless of the system state Remotely accessing the server using the keyboard and mouse from a remote client Mapping the CD or DVD drive, diskette drive, and USB flash drive on a remote client, and mapping ISO and diskette image files as virtual drives that are available for use by the server Uploading a diskette image to the IMM memory and mapping it to the server as a virtual drive The blue-screen capture feature captures the video display contents before the IMM restarts the server when the IMM detects an operating-system hang condition.

Not all covered types of ServicePacs might be available in a particular country. The ServicePac is a series of prepackaged warranty maintenance upgrades and post-warranty maintenance agreements with a well-defined scope of services, including service hours, response time, term of service, and service agreement terms and conditions.


For better performance, distribute expansion enclosures evenly across both adapter ports. Part number Description Maximum quantity supported per one enclosure 3.

Viewing event logs without restarting the server

Power supplies Integrated virtualization Remote management Supported operating systems Physical and electrical specifications Warranty options Regulatory compliance External disk storage expansion External disk storage systems External backup units Top-of-rack Ethernet switches Uninterruptible power supply units Power distribution units Racks cabinets Rack options Lenovo Financial Services Related publications Related product families Trademarks.

For more information, see the list of Lenovo Press Product Guides in the Networking adapters category: External backup units The server supports the external backup attachment options listed in the following table. System x M4 product page http: Configurations with four 2. The following terms are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both: The external SAS cables listed in the following table support connectivity between external expansion enclosures and the controller.

A system administrator can use the blue-screen capture to assist in determining the cause of the hang condition. If IPMItool is installed in the server, you can use it to view the system-event log.

Hot-swap redundant power supplies available on some models maximizes system uptime even when one power supply fails.

System x M4 Product Guide (withdrawn product) > Lenovo Press

We are dedicated to delivering a positive finance experience for customers like you who want to maximize your purchase power by obtaining the technology you need today, protect against technology obsolescence, and preserve your m for other uses. Methods for viewing event logs Condition Action The server is not hung and is linix to a network using an operating system controlled network ports.


Join our community today! Unable to finish install of virtual domains cannot access cdrom.

Both the W and W power supply units support maximum configurations and support auto restart that minimizes operator intervention after a temporary power outage. System x M4 linyx server rear view Figure 4 shows the locations of key components inside the server. System x M4 Product Guide withdrawn product.

The following table lists the memory options supported by the server. Trademarks Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both. Energy efficiency The x M4 offers the following energy-efficiency features to save energy, reduce operational costs, increase energy availability, and contribute to the green environment: Rack options The server supports the rack console switches and monitor kits listed in the following table.

The slot form-factors are: Internal drive options The System x M4 supports the following internal disk storage configurations: Up to two 3. Scalability and performance The x M4 offers numerous features to boost performance, improve scalability, and reduce costs: It supports the latest Intel Xeon E v2 family of processors formerly codenamed “Ivy Bridge” for applications that require performance and stability, and Core i3 processors for applications that require lower cost.

Internal tape drives The server does not support internal tape drive options.

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